Recent Additions to the Library

  • A new sub-category has been created in Causal Yana of Characteristics: Aspiration Prayers
  • There are more than 400 videos published now. You can find them all by searching "video" in the Course's Search Box in any category.
  • Rinpoche's song, The Sky-dragon's Profound Roar, that tells of his life, is now posted in "Songs of Realization". 
  • Rinpoche's teachings on The Noble Tara's presentation of view and on his own mind-treasure are posted in "Teaching of the Month". The enrollment key is sGrol-ma-98. 

Please enjoy this beautiful performance of Jetsün Mila's song Twenty Seven Cases of Dissolution from Karmê Chöling, 1996. As always, please refrain from downloading it.