Online Meetings

You are warmly invited to join a series of online meetings, which will consist of listening to and viewing video recordings, primarily on Songs of Realization.

As before, the meeting will be guided by senior student and song-master Jim Scott with time for questions and in-depth discussion.
Please note that it is not necessary to have participated in any previous meetings to join this one. 
If you have already registered in connection with previous meetings, it is not necessary to register again. You will automatically receive the link to the session approximately 1 hour before starting time.
If you have not registered before, please email to receive the link enabling you to participate.
The video from the first meeting held 12 January 202 is published now. You find it here:


Medicine Buddha Ritual Composed by Rinpoche

At Karmê Chöling, 1997, Rinpoche composed a ritual  for the Medicine Buddha. This ritual was also given to Rinpoche's nuns to practice. It has now been translated into song by Jim Scott and you find it here: