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On Hawaii, 21-26 May 1997, during 9 talks, Rinpoche teaches on four texts by the Guardian Nagarjuna. He also gives explanatory reading transmission for Treasury of Knowledge chapter 7.2, and Milarepa's Anger Cooling Song. In the last session, Rinpoche concludes by giving advise for practicing shamatha and vipassana in relation to the teachings they have just received.

The recording found here is talk 4of9.

In Seattle, 17-25 June 1997, organized by Shenpen Ösel Ling, Rinpoche teaches on four texts by the Guardian Nagarjuna and two songs of realization:

  • Talk 1, Sixty Stanzas on Reasoning
  • Talk 2, Seventy Stanzas on Emptiness
  • Talk 3, Refutation of Objections 
  • Talks 4-7, Fundamental Knowledge of the Middle Way
  • Talk 8, Q/A talk with meditation on the Sixteen Types of Emptiness from Chandrakirti's text, Entrance to the Middle Way.
  • Talk 9-10, Jetsun Milarepa's Authentic Portrait of the Middle Way 
  • Talk 11, Götsangpa's Eight Cases of Basic Goodness Not to be Shunned.

Here you will find talk 3.

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