Nāgārjuna Treatises

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In Seattle, 17-25 June 1997, organized by Shenpen Ösel Ling, Rinpoche teaches on four texts by the Guardian Nagarjuna and two songs of realization:

  • Talk 1, Sixty Stanzas on Reasoning
  • Talk 2, Seventy Stanzas on Emptiness
  • Talk 3, Refutation of Objections 
  • Talks 4-7, Fundamental Knowledge of the Middle Way
  • Talk 8, Q/A talk with meditation on the Sixteen Types of Emptiness from Chandrakirti's text, Entrance to the Middle Way.
  • Talk 9-10, Jetsun Milarepa's Authentic Portrait of the Middle Way 
  • Talk 11, Götsangpa's Eight Cases of Basic Goodness Not to be Shunned.

Here you will find talk 3.

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