Whenever restricted programs were held, groups of students that could not attend the main program were offered public talks and many times, audiences. It is such audiences that you find here.

Audience for students practicing the preliminaries, Karmê Chöling 1995

Audience for the resident staff, Karmê Chöling 1995

Audience for the Nalandabodhi Sangha, Seattle 2003

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At many public programs, Rinpoche's students couldn't ask questions related to their Mantrayana practice, so for such groups audiences were arranged. If you partook in one of them, you can revisit it here.

For now, you find a Chakrasamvara Audience from Marpa House, Boulder 1994, and Mudra Theater from Karmê Chöling, 1995.

1 and 1 talks, audio

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While teaching in Munich, November 1995, Rinpoche visits on the 26th of November the Munich Shambhala Center.

Rinpoche speaks about how to bring negative conditions onto the path and, particularly, pride in relation to traditions, personal accomplishments etc.

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1 talk, audio

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Rinpoche has a wonderful connection to the members of Trungpa Rinpoche's Dorje Kasung tradition.

Playing with them, enjoying their marches, partaking in the flag raising, Rinpoche instructed them in so many ways, one of which was by holding audiences.

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When Rinpoche visited centers, where many children were present, an audience were often arranged, where the youngest dharma practitioners would make a performance and ask questions.

Here are recordings from Karmê Chöling, 1994, and Karma Dzong, Boulder 1995.

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In Boulder 1995, at the Shambhala Center, Rinpoche for the first time gave an audience to students, who in their daily life work in the various fields of health care.

This was such a success that Rinpoche, at Karmê Chöling 1996, began to teach what is called The Menla Group.

Rinpoche himself states that he had long wished that this could develop and he repeats these audiences each year addressing issues deepening this auspicious connection. Furthermore, Rinpoche also gives the reading transmission for the Medicine Buddha Practice

Here, you will also find an audience from Boulder 1996, and a talk given at the Northwestern Health Scientist University in Bloomington, 2004, whose topic is a song by Gyalwa Götsangpa called Eight Cases of Basic Goodness Not to be Shunned.


15 talks, audio / video

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At Karmê Chöling, August 1995, Rinpoche has his senior student Elizabeth Callahan instruct the yogic exercises called "lüjong". During the last session Rinpoche is present and concludes it by giving meditation advice.

There's also a video from a morning session, 2003, where the participants are doing the exercises on the lawn.

Lüjong is a set of physical movements that Rinpoche drew from the lineage tradition and further developed as a means of meditating in connection with training the body. 

If you have learned the lüjong from an authorized teacher, you are welcome to revisit them here as a supplement to your in-person instructions. 

English, Tibetan - English

5 sessions, video

Under the auspices of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Rinpoche's students gather together at least once a year in order to strengthen our samaya with the Guru through practicing together, studying, and conducting Guru Seva meetings.

It has become custom that the main "KSPM" is held in connection with celebrating Rinpoche's birthday.

For the benefit of students not being able to be physically present at the occasion, the study groups are recorded on video. In 2017, some examples of the dance lessons by LiAnne Hunt are also posted. 

There are also videos from the birthday celebrations themselves. These you can find in the category "Open Courses for Guests" and photos, which you will find in the category "Photos, History of Rinpoche's Enlightened Activity."

This section of the library is for students who have signed up for helping with reviews. 

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