Under the auspices of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Rinpoche's students gather together at least once a year in order to strengthen our samaya with the Guru through practicing together, studying, and conducting Guru Seva meetings.

It has become custom that the main "KSPM" is held in connection with celebrating Rinpoche's birthday in Tekchog Ling, Kathmandu.

For the benefit of students not being able to be physically present at the occasion, the study groups are recorded on video. In 2017, some examples of the dance lessons by LiAnne Hunt are also posted. 

There are also videos from the birthday celebrations themselves. These you can find in the category "Open Courses for Guests" as well as photos, which you will find in the category "Photos, History of Rinpoche's Enlightened Activity."

To enroll in the course, the key is KTGR