Online meetings are held regularly. They are thought of as an auspicious connection for Rinpoche's students meeting each other, whether online (as here) or "physically" (as for example at the student gathering in Nepal), and in this way providing skillful means for participating in the continuation of Rinpoche's teaching activity. 

If you are interested and haven't registered before, please contact


For two years, the Covid pandemic made it impossible to meet in person at the annual gathering at Tek Chok Ling to study, practice and celebrate our Guru.

Instead, the students were invited to two online events:

You find the Marpa Foundation meeting here and the birthday celebration in that category. You can search for example "birthday" in the search box.

The enrollment key is KTGR

The meetings found here are open for all, regardless of practice or previous participation.

The meetings consist normally in a presentation where teachings by Rinpoche are included followed up by discussions.

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