Complete Liberation of the Three Realms

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At Karmê Chöling 1996, in addition to the marvelous exposition of Guru Rinpoche's Gradual Path of the Wisdom Essence, Rinpoche taught the Posthumous Instructions of the four vidyadharas. Rinpoche chose to include a section from Complete Liberation of the Three Realms, the Six Way to Lead, in talk 11.

Here you find talk 13 from the section on Supplementary Topics and talk 14 on Pointing Out Conduct and Q/A. In addition, Rinpoche gives an explanatory reading transmission of the text.

To ensure that you listen to the entire course, which also includes key sections from Jamgon Rinpoche's Treasury of Knowledge and Complete Liberation of the three RealmsBlack Yangti by Dungtsuk Repa, and sections from the famed Wisdom Guru by Jigme Lingpa, please search "Karmê Chöling 1996" in the courses search box.



At the restricted retreat at Cha'an Center, Tenerife, 9-20 September 1996, Rinpoche gave 14 talks on the Trekcho and Thogal sections of Lodro Thaye's text. Rinpoche draws from Beholding Naked Awareness   རིག་པ་གཅེར་མཐོང་གི་བརྒྱུད།  and Heart Drop of the Karmapa   ཀརྨ་སྙིང་ཐིག and various songs of realization by Gyalwa Gotsangpa and Gyalwa Dondrub's Praises to Machig.

Rinpoche also taught sections from the Ocean of Definitive Meaning.

Tibetan - English

14 talks, audio

As part of the summer program, Essence of the Profound Meaning, held at Karmê Chöling, 1998, Rinpoche gave an explanatory reading transmission on Lodrö Thaye's text, Complete Liberation of the Three Realms.

For other topics taught at that program, please use the course's search box.

Here, you find talk 6-9 as well as practice session 3.

Tibetan - English

4 +1 talks, video

After teaching the ཁམས་གསུམ་ཡོངས་གྲོལ། in great detail for a number of years, it resulted in an English translation, Complete Liberation of the Three Realms.

Following that publication, Rinpoche often chose to give explanatory reading transmissions of the text. It is such transmissions that you find here.

For now, you will find Corsica 1997, and Tenerife 2000

Tibetan - English

8, 7 talks, audio

For the restricted part of the visit to Nalanda Bodhi, Seattle, November 2003, the program called The Direct Leap of Spontaneous Presence, Rinpoche offers guidance in the practice in a very experiential way combining teachings from Complete Liberation of the Three Realms with songs of realization, Guru Rinpoche Prayer, Twelve Aspirations by the Medicine Buddha, and Heart Essence of the Karmapa.

For the first 6 talks, please use the course's search box typing "Seattle 2003".

Tibetan - English

8 talks, video

During the summer program at Dechen Chöling, July 2005, Rinpoche had his senior student Jim Scott go through the section on Ati Yoga's Cutting Through, Trekchö, from Complete Liberation of the Three Realms

During several of Rinpoche's main talks, he gave an extraordinarily detailed guided meditation on Guru Rinpoche based on the Guru Rinpoche Prayer, which you will find in the Meditation category. For the remaining topics given at this course, please search "Dechen Chöling 2005" in the course's search box.

English only.

9 talks, audio.