TOK 8: The Training in Higher Meditative Absorption   ལྷག་པ་ཏིང་ངེ་འཛིན་གྱི་བསླབ་པ་རིམ་པར་ཕྱེ་བ།

TOK 9: An Analysis of the Spiritual Paths and Levels to Be Traversed   བགྲོད་བྱ་ས་དང་ལམ་གྱི་རིམ་པར་ཕེ་བ།

TOK 10: An Analysis of the Consummate Fruition State   མཐར་ཕྱིན་འབྲས་བུའི་རང་བཞིན་རིམ་པར་ཕྱེ་བ།

Rinpoche introduces in his own words the methods for meditating on shamatha and vipashyanā.

This is one of the earliest video recordings of Rinpoche teaching. It was recorded at Karma Dhagpo Gyurme Ling, November 2-6, 1984, and kindly offered to the library by Wolfgang Neugebauer.

 Tibetan / German

6 talks, video

You will also find a talk from Hawaii, 4 June 1996 in Tibetan - English

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During almost two month in the Fall of 1984, from 3th September to 30 October, Rinpoche stayed at Karma Chodrub Gyamtso Ling in Brussels, where he extensively taught:

  • Excerpts from a number of sutras
  • Treasury of Knowledge, chapter 8.1: The Stages of Meditation of Shamatha and VipashyanāRinpoche gave 14 talks for his  students learning Tibetan and 8 talks to the public audience.
  • Moonbeams of Mahāmudrā by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal
  • Treasury of Knowledge, chapter 7.3: The Sixteen Types of Emptiness
  • Treasury of Knowledge, chapter 7.3: Ascertaining the view.

Please use the course's search box typing "Brussels 1984" to locate all talks.  

The talks on chapter 8.1 that you find here, later resulted in the publication of a booklet in English, called The Stages of Meditation of Shamatha and Vipashyanā

Tibetan - English

22 talks, audio

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In 10 days in the month of July, 1985, Rinpoche visits Karma Yonten Ling, Huy, and offers the following talks:

  • 1 talk pointing out luminous mind
  • 14 talks on the Stages of Meditation in the Kadampa School
  • 3 talks on TOK6.3: Chittamatra with its sub-schools.

For new students, this course was also a beautiful display of Rinpoche's interaction with his students.

Tibetan - English with some French and German

15 talks, audio

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What is widely known as the incomparable Dakpo Kagyu is not merely a lineage of words, it is an unbroken lineage of ultimate meaning, the stainless realization of mahamudra.

In general, it's practice traditions are called sutra, mantra, and essence.

The progressive stages of view as well as the preliminary practices, the ngondro, provide the foundation for properly understanding these teachings.

There are also teachings on this section that are given in a restricted context, which you will find in the subcategory "Sections with Restricted Content".

Here you find teachings from Mahamudra Retreat Zentrum Halscheid, 1992, Kamalashila, Schloss Wachendorf, December 1992, the last 2 talks of 27 talks given at the Rigpe Dorje Program, Pullahari 1996, 4 talks given in Buenos Aires 1999, and 3 talks from Athens 2001.

Tibetan - German, Tibetan - English, Tibetan - English - Spanish (Argentinian)

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Visiting Athens, 11-18 October 2001, Rinpoche offers the following talks:

  • 3 talks on TOK10.2: The More Common Attainments of Mantrayāna
  • 3 talks on TOK8.4: Mahāmudrā, Path of Liberation
  • 5 talks on Milarepa songs, where the group sings songs and then ask questions
  • 1 talk on The Origin of Tara

Tibetan only

3 talks, audio

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