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  • Manali, 13-25 August 1983

    While in Manali, India, Rinpoche taught the Heart of Wisdom Sutra, the Milarepa Sadhana and Jetsün Mila's Authentic Portrait of the Middle Way, Utpattikrama and Sampannakrama Song.

    During the '80s cassette tapes were sometimes hard to come by, especially in India, and the students had to re-record the same tapes over and over again in order to study and understand a text. The teachings on the Heart of Wisdom Sutra from Manali are therefore not complete.

    Luckily, Rinpoche's explanations on the Milarepa Sadhana were complete.

  • Hawaii, June 1996

    During his visit to Hawaii, 2-8 June 1996, Rinpoche offers teachings on

    • Milarepa's Four Supreme Things and Eleven Supreme Things
    • Gotsangpa's Eight Cases of Basic Goodness Not to be Shunned
    • Calm abiding and superior insight
    • 2 talks on Heart of Wisdom Sutra
    • The two truths based on a verse from Creation and Completion, Essential Points of Tantric Meditation
    • 2 talks on Song of Supplication to Machik Labdron

    Tibetan - English

    Tapes kindly offered by Myron Berney.

  • Baca Grande, Crestone 1999

    The immaculate teachings on interdependent origination is encapsulated in the Heart of Wisdom Sutra.

    During his fourth visit at Baca Grande, Crestone, September 1999, Rinpoche begins his explications by pointing out emptiness based on this sutra, as well as quotations by the great Indian and Tibetan masters.

    Rinpoche then continues to teach the Mahamudra Aspiration Prayer by the 3rd. Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje over 4 talks.

  • Arya Tara and Drikung Garchen Institute, Munich, March 2003

    Visiting Munich in March 2003, Rinpoche offers three talks on the Heart of Wisdom Sutra and 3 talks on the verses from Nagarjuna's treatise, Knowledge Fundamental to the Middle Way.

  • Vajradhara Ling, 19-21 June 2003

    During his visit at Vajradhara Ling, Rinpoche offers the following 6 talks:

    • Milarepa: Identifying a Capable Student
    • 2 talks on Milarepa's Twenty Seven Cases of Dissolution
    • Milarepa: Authentic Portrait of the Middle Way
    • Milarepa: Ultimate View, Meditation, Conduct and Fruition
    • Heart of Wisdom Sutra

    Tibetan - English - French