At Karma Thubten Chöling, Wappingers Falls, September 2002, Rinpoche elucidates the profundity of mahamudra by presenting teachings from section 8.4 in the Treasury of Knowledge, Jetsün Mila's Song of Mahamudra and Distinguishing the Provisional from the Definitive in the Context of Mahamudra, and the section on mahamudra from Hevajratantra. He ends the course with 2 sessions of question and answer.

Rinpoches 's students from Taiwan, Zabsang Shedrub, attended this year. As always, Rinpoche brings the teaching into experience by singing songs of realization. Therefore, on these recordings several songs of realization in Chinese can also be enjoyed.

Rinpoche also gives an explanatory reading transmission for the Mahamudra Aspiration by 3rd Karmapa, which is only translated into Chinese mandarin. For this, please see the category Aspiration Prayers. (中文)

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While Rinpoche is teaching in Kagyu Ling, Plaige April 1986, H.E. Khenchen Tai Situ Rinpoche is in France.

Since the students have requested to attend a Hevajra empowerment bestowed by His Eminence, Rinpoche prepares them for that by first explaining the importance of Hevajra in the Kagyu tradition of Marpa the Translator, and secondly, how to carefully request such an empowerment based on these explanations on the three types of purity.

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During the summer seminaries at Karmê Chöling, 2000-2004, Rinpoche presented the Hevajra Tantra based on the commentary by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodro Thaye.

These teachings are restricted to students who were present at the time.

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During the restricted course at Dorje Denma Ling, September 2004, Rinpoche devoted the morning and afternoon sessions to teachings on the sixth chapter on Chandrakirti's text, Entering the Middle Way, and the evening sessions to the eighth chapter of the Hevajratantra.

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