April 21, Talk 18, Verse 45-48

45. The introduction to mental cultivation:
For individuals wishing to cross the threshold
Into original nonconceptual wisdom,
For any bodhisattva, Awakening Hero,
Here is how to cultivate the mind.

46. By virtue of one’s ignorance of suchness
The “store of all seeds” of what is unreal, mere invention,
Is the cause for two which do not exist to appear;
And, with that as the base, there are grounds for diversification,
Due to which the cause and effects as well,
In spite of appearing, still do not exist.
With that appearing, pure being does not appear;
Through that not appearing, pure being indeed appears.
Through such cultivation of mind, when properly done,
The Bodhisattva steps across the brink
Into original nonconceptual wisdom.

47. Through focusing thus, mere awareness is focused on,
Through which there are no referents to focus on;
Through there being no referents that could be focused on,
There is no such mere awareness to focus on;
Through that not existing on which to focus, the verge
Is crossed into focusing free of this twofold division;

48. No split into two existing on which to focus,
This is original nonconceptual wisdom,
Since this is what is defined with the utmost precision
As that which involves no object, no focusing,
No attributes on which to focus at all.

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