April 17, Talk 15, Verse 39-41

39. The four points introducing the benefits
Include the complete attainment of dharmakaya,
Attainment of bliss which nothing can exceed,
Attainment of mastery over the power of insight,
And attainment of mastery over the power to teach.

40. The introduction to thorough understanding
Should be known to include the following four points:
A full understanding regarding the remedy;
A full understanding regarding the characteristic;
A full understanding regarding distinctive marks;
And a full understanding regarding the five effects.

41. What is to be understood as the remedy here
Is nonconceptualizing original wisdom,
Since perceiving phenomena, individuals,
An alteration as well as dichotomy,
Denial as well, when this is entertained,
Are five distinct forms of perception of non-existents
For which it is taught to comprise the remedy.

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