April 14, Talk 12, Verse 31-33

31. The introduction involving the ground or support
Is into original nonconceptual wisdom
As this is approached in a manner involving six points,
Since the focal requirement, attributes surrendered,
The correct way to apply the mind in practice,
The defining characteristics and benefits,
And full understanding are hereby introduced.

32. The first of these, the focal requirement,
Should be known to be introduced in four points,
Since what is required is Mahayana teachings,
Commitment to these, along with certitude
And fully completing the two accumulations.

33. The second, which treats of surrendering attributes,
Is also introduced by way of four points,
Since what is unfavorable and the remedies,
The suchness as well as the realization of this
Are attributes whose surrender leads the way.
By doing this in respective order as follows—
The coarse and the middling followed by those which are fine,
And those which persist for a very long time indeed—
These attributes are surrendered entirely.

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