April 13, Talk 11, Verse 28-30

28. The approach as related to individuals:
The first two of these are transformations to suchness
Pertaining to buddhas as well as to bodhisattvas;
The last of these pertains additionally
To Shravakas as well as Pratyekabuddhas.

29. The introduction to traits especially advanced
Pertains to buddhas as well as to bodhisattvas:
The distinguishing trait of totally pure domains;
That which is gained through attaining the dharmakaya;
Sambhogakaya; as well as nirmanakaya—
The insight, instruction, and consummate mastery—
Are attainments distinctively greater comparatively.

30. The introduction to realizing what is required:
The distinguishing factor of previous wishing prayers;
The distinguishing factor of Mahayana teaching
As focal point; and the further distinguishing factor
Of effective application to all ten levels.

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