April 9, Talk 8, Verse 18-23

18. Through introducing traits and a ground at all times,
Definitive verification as well as encounter,
Recollection and immersion into its core,
This sixpoint approach to pure being is unsurpassed.

19. The defining traits in brief are just as they are.

20. The ground consists of the whole of phenomena
And supreme teachings, the whole of the sutra collections.

21. The term “definitive verification of this”
Refers to the whole of the path of application,
Comprised of appropriate mental cultivation
Based on the sutra collections of Mahayana.

22. The encounter attained because of authentic view
Is the path of vision, on which the suchness attained
Is in a fashion direct, whatever experienced.

23. Although reality has been seen by awareness,
Recollection—the path of meditation,
Comprised of factors inducing enlightenment—
Is needed to eliminate the stains.

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