April 4, Talk 4, Verse 10-14

10. Because it provides a thorough introduction
To their characteristics as well as their rationale,
Their neither being the same nor different,
The ground in common and not in common shared,
And the lack of appearance involving perceiver-perceived,
This sixpoint approach to phenomena is the best.

11. Of these, the defining traits and the rationale,
As well as the lack of sameness and difference,
Are just as these were demonstrated in brief.

12. As long as there is someone circling somewhere,
These are the grounds in each and every case—
The constituents of beings and those of the vessel.
The constituents of the vessel appear to be shared,
The awareness being the common experience;
Some of the constituents of beings
Are experienced in common and some are not.

13. Further, birth and conventions, to nurture, subdue,
Benefit, harm, excellent features, and faults
Are mutually caused by way of an interchange,
Because of which these are experience shared in common.

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