April 3, Talk 3, Verse 5-9

5. Here the traits of phenomena are defined

As duality plus assumption and formulation,
Whose appearance is the mistaken conceptual process,
Since what appears is not and is thus not real.
No referents have ever existed either
And, being but concept, consist of conceptualization.

6. The other factor, pure being, is defined
As suchness, in which there is no differentiation
Between a factor perceived and a perceiver,
A signifier contra a signified.

7. Because what does not exist appears, delusion
Provides the cause for completely afflicted states;
Since things like illusory elephants appear,
Even what does exist does not appear.

8. If either the lack of existence or the appearance
Were missing, delusion and freedom from delusion
And likewise states afflicted in every respect
And thorough refinement would be unjustified.

9. These two are not one and the same nor do they differ,
Because, between that which exists and that which does not,
A distinction exists and yet does not exist.

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