At this course in Mahamudra Retreat Zentrum, Halscheid, 14-28 August 1992, Rinpoche divides the students into two groups: sadhakas བསྐྱེད་རིམ་པ་ and dzogrimpas རྫོགས་རིམ་པ།

To the latter group he teaches the sections from Treasury of Knowledge, chapter 8.3, the Completion Stage Meditations in father tantra, and 8.4, the Six Applications in Kalachakra. He furthermore teaches the གསང་དབང་། section from Gradual Path of the Wisdom Essence and guides the students in meditation on it.

26 talks Tibetan only, 7 sessions study group

Rinpoche gave 30 other talks during that course. Please use the course's search box typing "Halscheid 1992" to locate them all.