At the 2002 Seattle seminar་ called Direct Leap of Spontaneous Presence: the Tradition of Ati Yoga, Rinpoche first introduces the progression in view based on Jetsün Milarepa's songs of realization. He then continues to explain the view and meditation of the outer mind section  ཕྱི་སེམས་སྡེ། inner space section ནང་ཀློང་སྡེ།  and secret instruction section གསང་བ་མན་ངག་སྡེ༏  based on Guru Rinpoche's root text. In his commentary, Rinpoche quotes numerous Indian and Tibetan masters.

The sangha is furthermore guided in the practices of Trekchö   ཁྲེགས་ཆོད།.

Tibetan - English

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