These recordings are from Brussels 1979. That year Rinpoche taught the Buddha Nature by the Regent Maitreya very extensively, spanning 157 cassette tapes, to the students who were interested in becoming translators or studying texts directly in Tibetan.

At the same time, for the public teachings that were translated, Rinpoche explains the main topics for each of the text's "Seven Vajra Points".

Tibetan / English / French

7 public talks

Visiting Karma Dhagpo Gyurme Ling, 30 October 1987, Rinpoche explains the 10-fold presentation of the element of sentient beings, the buddha-nature.

Tibetan - German,

1 talk, video, audio

Visiting Karma Theksum Choling, 4-6 August 1998, Rinpoche offers 4 talks mainly focusing on the section in the chapter on the Element that presents tathagatagharba in ten points. He completes his teachings with a talk based on Treasury of Knowledge, chapter 7.2: Gaining Certainty in the Provisional and Definitive Meaning in the Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma   འཁོར་ལོ་གསུམ་གྱི་དྲང་ངེས།

Tibetan - English

5 talks, audio

During Rinpoche's visit at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, Woodstock, July-August 1999, he offered teachings on two texts by Maitreya: Ornament of the Mahayana Sutras and Buddha Nature.

Here you will find the teachings on the latter. From among its Seven Vajra Points, Rinpoche teaches the fourth, the Element.

Tibetan - English

10 talks, audio

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At the summer program at Karmê Chöling, 2000, Rinpoche gives reading transmission for parts of the Buddha Nature.

Since the program is restricted, these teachings are as well.

A dance performance of the Sixteen Types of Emptiness, Indian style, is also found here.


Talk 13 & 18 of 24 talks, video and audio

Visiting Dechen Chöling, France, 6-12 September 2000, Rinpoche offers:

  • 5 talks on Knowledge Fundamental to the Middle Way
  • 14 talks on Maitreya's Buddha Nature 
  • 2 talks on questions and answers. In the latter, Rinpoche briefly explains Chittamatra based on the Sutra from the Travel to Sri Lanka.

Tibetan - English

16 talks, audio and video

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Visiting Traleg Rinpoche's sangha at the E-Wam center, Melbourne, October 2000, Rinpoche offered 4 talks on Buddha Nature and 4 on Nagarjuna's great treatise, Knowledge Fundamental to the Middle Way.

Tibetan - English

4 talks, audio

Visiting the New York Shambhala Center, August 2001, Rinpoche offers three evening talks on the following topics:

  • Rechungma's Song of the Sixteen Important Things
  • Buddha Nature: The Qualities of Enlightenment
  • The Offering of Sahle Ö

Please use the course's search box typing "New York 2001" to locate all three talks.

Tibetan - English

1 talk, video

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At Karma Thegsum Chöling, Hartford, July 2001, Rinpoche offers a presentation of particularly the fifth Vajra Point, Enlightenment. In addition, there is recitation of the Thirty-seven Practises of a Bodhisattva   རྒྱལ་སྲས་ལག་ལེན་སོ་བདུན་མ།   explanations of the Noble Tara   རྗེ་བཙུན་སྒྲོལ་མའི་སྐོར།   singing songs of realization   མགུར།    meditation guidance  སྒོམ།   and Q/A   དྲི་ལེན།

Tibetan - English

6 talks, video

Visiting dharma centers in Miami Florida, August 2001, at Karma Shedrup Chöling, Rinpoche elucidates excerpts from Maitreya's text, Buddha Nature, adding to his explanations the singing of songs of realization མགུར།   as well as opening up for questions   དྲི་ལེན།

Rinpoche also gives a talk at Tantric Yāna Buddhist Center, where he briefly introduces the four tantra classes  རྒྱུད་སྡེ་བཞི། and introduces the view based on songs of realization by Jetsun Milarepa and Götsangpa   ཕྱག་ཆེན་གྱི་ལྟ་བ།

Tibetan - English

6 talks, audio